Cousu de Fil Blanc

Do you like the traditional soap or do you prefer the liquid one?
I always prefer the traditional one! :) and I always look for new kinds and parfums.
I've found a new brand called Cousu de Fil Blanc, they are from France, and all of they soaps are hand made.

They have a very original and curious list of products, specially the soaps!
 I found a pair of very interesting soaps, the first one I like is "Les Fleurs de Mal" collection, specially the Absinthe soap, it's a purifying and refreshing soap!

And the "Rehab" collection, which every soap in this collection is wrapped in carefully chosen reclaimed paper, and every paper is unique! And the soap is suitable for all skin types.

In the parcel there was a little present, a little soap from the collection "Noire" collection, a Seaweed soap with extracts of fucus and centella asiatica to take care of my figure! :)

I love all of them, I hope you enjoy!