31 July 2012

Olympics 2012: Avengers! (Scargeear)

Of course the London Olympics are the most talked theme these days, now you can see the Avengers trying some of the proves, thanks to Scargeear.

Kusmi Tea

What kind of teas do you like? The one's that come wrapped muslin tea bags or the one's with the refill bag and you can choose the size you want?
The Kusmi Tea, has an extensive variety of teas, one for every occasion you need.
Today I want to talk about three of them...

Russian Morning nº24; is a skillful combination of three unflavoured orthodox teas: a delicately-flavoured Chinese black tea, a Ceylon black tea with delicate, lightly-twisted leaves and a round mouthfeel and chocolatey flavour and black tea from India, full-bodied and strong. Ideal for drinking in the morning!

Green Tea With Nana Mint; this is the tea used in Morocco to make the famous mint tea. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, it is also delicious drunk after meals. Enjoy it during the afternoon!

Anastacia; a blend of black teas from China and Sri Lanka flavoured with bergamot, lemon and Orange blossom. You can enjoy it during the whole day.

My next try will be de I Love My Detox, because it's perfect for detoxifying and reinvigorating the body right throughout the day and it will be really great after my holidays! :)

30 July 2012

Underwater Photography by Andreas Frank

The photographer Andreas Frank has created a fresh and sensational exhibition of photos in a sunk ship and bringed the life back...
What do you think of them?

The source is Design Boom!

Show Us Your Type

SHOW US YOUR TYPE is a project about two things we adore, type and cities. They started this project to provide a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective.
They have travelled to Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, New York...


29 July 2012

Patterns from Above by Brent Yaggi and Sarah Hicks

The photographers Brent Yaggi and Sarah Hicks, Patterns from Above, fly 2,000 feet up in a Cessna 172 to capture patterns with their Nikon lenses. They have scoured many parts of North America over the last three years.

L'Art du Soin for the Summer by Dyptique

There are two new products from the collection L'Art du Soin by Dyptique specialized to pamper the body and get it back after the summer!
First of all, the Smoothing Body Polish;
Luxury and delicacy united in a cream bicolor, whose microspheres black and white very gently exfoliate. Skin hydrated by the queen of fruits, the pomegranate, which leaves the skin a subtle velvety veil.
With a creamy texture and a unique skin that delights with its amazing formula the exfoliating action of Jojoba beads and silicon is tempered by the comforting action of pomegranate oil. The softness of jasmine water and nutritional properties of butter peach against a background of floral notes, Exfoliating Cream leaves a silky skin.

And the Fresh Lotion;
Like a morning breeze in the bay, fresh milk moisturizes the skin leaving the dream, still asleep and wrinkled. The breath refreshing orange blossom attached to petitgrain invited to receive the new day ...
Smooth and silk milk moisturizing properties associated water floral orange blossom essential fatty acids with almond oil biological sweet, and the nourishing macadamia oil. Leaves skin deliciously smooth and relaxed.

28 July 2012

Summer Movie Hairs

Do you like to colour your hair?
Want to try any colour tint hair of this summer films?

The source is MemeBase.

Chocolat de Tomato by Meiji

Do you love chocolat?
Do you like to try some amazing and original flavours?
How about trying this original stickers with a mixture of sweet tomato and chocolate of Meiji?

You can find them on JapanShop! :)

27 July 2012

JolieBox Juliol 2012

Nou mes, nova caixeta de JolieBox! :)

Aquesta vegada vé prepadara per deixar-te preciosa encara que estiguis moltes hores al sol!
Per començar, una hidratant corporal amb estracte de rosa de la casa Ainhoa, perquè la pell s'hidrati després de moltes hores al sol i remullada a l'aigua.

Evidentment també porta una crema hidratant; Revitalift Laserx3 de L'Oréal, perquè la cara també s'ha d'hidratar, no?

Porta un 2x1 Liptint&Balm de Deborah Milano perquè portem sempre uns llavis amb una miqueta de color, però sobretot hidratats!

No ens podem deixar el cabell!; porta una Laca de Fixació Extra-Forta de Yunsey, perquè el nostre pentinat no es mogui ni un pèl durant tot el dia. :)

També hi ha unes pulseretes per portar en tot moment de roba de la colònia Womanity de Thierry Mugler, perquè a part de que són molt mones, ens deixen perfumades!

I com a detall, uns separadors per poder-nos pintar les ungles dels peus sense problemes!

En resum, una caixeta ideal per poder passar l'estiu! :)

Movie Parts by Emma Butler

As you may have seen I'm a big fan of movie posters!; today I would like to introduce you to the Movie Parts Posters created by the artist Emma Butler!
I hope you like them... :)