Emotional Brilliance by Lush

Do you know the brand Lush?
They have a very extensive variety of products; I love their bomb bath, all of them had some amazing forms and dreaming smells...
Now they have a new product called Emotional Brilliance with fresh handmade colours, perfect for representing your states of humour!

They have some amazing colours for lip balms and eye liners, and you can choose them in your skin before buying them if you aren't sure of the colour you choose!
My favourite one is the lip balm Bubbly; your lively behaviour is infectious and it will guide you energetically towards what you need to achieve.

But before to put your amazing lip balm, you have to exfoliate your lips!; with the Sweet Lips. You can choose between Bubble Gum, Mint or Chocolate.
Of course my favourite is the chocolate... it makes your lips yummi! :)