Kusmi Tea

What kind of teas do you like? The one's that come wrapped muslin tea bags or the one's with the refill bag and you can choose the size you want?
The Kusmi Tea, has an extensive variety of teas, one for every occasion you need.
Today I want to talk about three of them...

Russian Morning nº24; is a skillful combination of three unflavoured orthodox teas: a delicately-flavoured Chinese black tea, a Ceylon black tea with delicate, lightly-twisted leaves and a round mouthfeel and chocolatey flavour and black tea from India, full-bodied and strong. Ideal for drinking in the morning!

Green Tea With Nana Mint; this is the tea used in Morocco to make the famous mint tea. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, it is also delicious drunk after meals. Enjoy it during the afternoon!

Anastacia; a blend of black teas from China and Sri Lanka flavoured with bergamot, lemon and Orange blossom. You can enjoy it during the whole day.

My next try will be de I Love My Detox, because it's perfect for detoxifying and reinvigorating the body right throughout the day and it will be really great after my holidays! :)