Dyptique Christmas Candles 2012

After all the products I've tried from Dyptique, the candles are my favourite!
Now I'm very excited to anounce the new limited edition Christmas Candles and they will be available on november 2012.

Each year, the Christmas lights with reflections extraordinary edition wrapped scented wax ephemeral in exclusive patterns. This winter diptyque invites to travel and to suspend time. Olfactory getaway to east, plunged into the Arabian Nights ...
Sapin Doré
The symbol of Christmas, the pine deserved a gold dress for winter 2012, a fragrance that celebrates the world's most famous coniferous.
The cold vapors, almost icy, from traditional pine thorns give way to crisp green galbanum essence of Iran, camphor and eucalyptus pine bite Siberia, to which is added the aromatic essence of Artemis of Morocco, a nod to the emerald shades adorning the glass of the candle and the warmth of the triangles merges with the golden green. It enters a spruce forest bordered by cedars and patchouli leaves. Finally, the essence of Canada balsam fir begins vibrate. Balsamic, warm, comforting, peaceful side recalls Christmas.

Oud Ambré
Inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights, this perfume exudes the genuine fragrance of oud wood, precious essence, earthy, animal, burning almost suffocating to communicate with the gods.
Faceted like a gemstone, spiced with unique essences, resins and balsams heated, plunges us into a coveted east. From the first few seconds, you can recognize the dance of spices: saffron, ginger surprising freshness, delicious taste of nutmeg, cinnamon and spicy black pepper explosive. In the heart, the chord of oud wood gently takes the word. Accompanied by cedar, patchouli, rosewood and sage, is introduced into the air with a subtle elegance. The journey continues around a chord amber, consisting of vanilla, tonka bean, and incense jara essence of Somalia. A concentrate of sacred scents that soothe the senses.

Sought after by collectors, worshiped by fans perfume, Oliban candle returns this winter with a design  inspired in a midnight blue Kilim rug. A sapphire-tinged sky we can admire counting shooting stars that pass before our eyes. A soft twilight where the Kings hope to emerge laden with treasure: myrrh, gold and frankincense. An eponymous tribute to matter most mystical of perfumery: the frankincense -Latin and Greek olibanum Libanos- the other name that is known to incense. The essences of lemon from Italy and elemi resin mixed with notes of aldehydes, followed by the fumes of incense Somalia merging with myrrh and vetiver from Java.
The base notes contain balsam of Peru and frankincense benzoin involving a benevolent aura. A scent that instantly transports us to the heart of the stories of the Arabian Nights.

My first thing on the Christmas list... :)