Ohso, the Probiotic Chocolate

How many times do you want to eat chocolate but can't for the fear of the calories?
Now you can eat Ohso, a delicious dark 53% cocoa Belgian chocolate to make you happy and your optimum daily amount of probiotic to keep you healthy, and it only contains 72kcals! :)

The 13.5g individual Ohso bar contains around a billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria, which helps you to promote healthy gastrointestinal functions that nourish the body, eliminate digestive disorders maintaining a healthy intestinal balance and help detox the body.
As you may know, Cocoa flavanols, the specific group of polyphenols which are abundantly present in the cocoa bean, have been shown to possess several beneficial effects and play an important role in supporting our health and well-being.
I've tried the normal and the orange one and I love them!