Schweppes, Original Premium Mixers

Have you tried the new fashion drink, the Gin tonic?
Or do you preffer a good cold tonica with some ice and a slice of lemon?
I've googled gin tonic recipes to share some of them with you, but I've found too much! So I thought the best is try the Original Premium Mixers by Schweppes, because you can try between a lot of flavours...

Pink Pepper, Spicy and Rebel
Provides current and your new shades combined and is perfect to combine with unusual gins, vodkas premium aged rums and tequilas, intensifying the aromas of the distillate, and reinventing enhancing the flavor of each cup.

Ginger & Cardamom, Exotic and Oriental
His intense freshness and exotic earthy tones, with citrus and spicy flavors, enhances the flavor of the distillate. Combine it with more exotic gins with a higher number of botanists, where the fruits take center stage and the flavor is less conventional.

Azahar & Lavender, Floral Intensity
It is an explosion of floral aromas, perfect to give your guests a combined dry and sophisticated. The perfect drink for lovers of authentic Gin & Tonic, premium vodka and white rum.

Lemon, Citrus Nature
His biggest carbonation intensity citrus flavors and quinine, provide a more rounded flavor, sweet and dry begins and ends with a bitter aftertaste. Stresses its versatility to combine with gin, vodka, rum or tequila. Perfect for lovers of the intensity.

Soda, Elegance and Quality
Carbonation optimum freshness and maintaining the elegance and quality of the finest distillates. Triumph combining it with spirits aged in oak and a touch bitter aromatic, smoothing and wood alcohol.

Ginger Ale, Freshness and Picardy
Surprise your guests with a rich flavor and a fresh spicy sensation in your glasses through increased intensification in the aroma of ginger. Perfect with character vodkas, rums, whiskey or bourbon by contrast ginger spicy vanilla oak touch.

I choose the Lavender, and you??