25 April 2013

Crafty Creatives April Box 2013

How about a little box with some new and nice products to make your own DIY?

This is my first box with Crafty Creatives and I can assure you I'll repeat!
I'll show you all the amazing stuff it comes with the box, and in the next weeks I'll show you what projects I'll do with them, do you like the idea? :)
First of all, the presentations card with a cute picture from Catherine Moody...

Do you know Jumping Clay? With this month I have two little samples of this new product! (white and blue)

A 100% blue cotton fabric... 

Glitter and Seed Beads from Stix2, to make some nice jewellery...!

A Mink Blank Canvas... I'm not sure what to do with it... but I'll think of something!

Some blue felt balls from Nepal, this will be my first project! :)

Three pots of 59ml Americana Acrylic paint, to enjoy painting...

A few glass beads from Musha Makes, to enjoy making more jewellery...

Two blue bird pendants to enjoy the spring! 

Two A5 textured sheets to make some nice cards...

And the CC Kit, to make your own bluebird mobile! :)

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