Graze Box May

A new month with yummy healthy snacks form Graze!

This month my healthy snacks only lasted one day... but it was a healthy day! :)

First we started with the Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn, I've tried it before in another shippment, and they are really good!

Then we eat the Summer Berry Compote, with berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers. It was amazing!

Third we try the Tutti Frutti with blueberry infused cranberries, pineapple, cherry infused raisins and green raisins. We don't like it very much, but we can change it for the next shippment!

And the best of all, the dessert, Cookies and Cream with mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds. It was amazing!

Do you know you can try it for free just using this code (JLR116R)?