28 February 2014

The Best Pictures by Beutler Ink

Can you recognise all these Oscar winner movie films?
Beutler Ink created a poster commemorating each of the past Best Picture winners, take a look! :)

Fashionista's Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley

If you are a fashionista you must take a look at the Prêt-à-Portea Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley. You will be surprised with the food and the designs!
In your table you will find a pink shoe with your reservation name, it will be the start of your journey.

The fashion portraits will accompany all the trip with all the delicacies and teas.
I recommend you the Caramel Indulgence, it's a sweet tea, but it's amazing!

The sandwiches were a good starter; with salmon, ham, cheese...

The delicatessen were amazing! Our favourites: the Chestnut Panna Cotta and the BBQ Roast Duck Tartlets.

But the most surprising designs where the desserts, of course!


Here are our favourite designs:
Burberry Prorsum heart patterned ginger biscuit trench with caramel icing and Gianvito Rossi chocolate over-the-knee boot biscuit with ankle strap.

But we can not forget the Saint Laurent essential autumn red "Classic Duffle 6" Victoria sponge cake bag or the Miu Miu polka dot jaconde and Gianduia mousse topped with playful orange neckscarf.


They made this special plate for us, it was our 16 anniversary together! :)

The best of all was that we could repeat as many times as we like and all the delicacies we wanted. It was an amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone!

27 February 2014

Small Landscapes by Juan Sánchez Castillo

Take a look at these Small Landscapes... they are amazing, don't you think so?
These amazing photographs are from the artist Juan Sánchez Castillo.

Birchbox February 2014

A new and amazing little box full of samples from Birchbox!
This month products will go perfect on my honeymoon, because it contains all the essential things on my beauty routine.

The Protector & Oil of Beauty Protector will nourish my hair during the trip, and it's a pocket size! It's a Birchbox exclusive!

At last I will try the famous Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Eyeko. The problem is I am not really confident using eyeliners... I will need a lot of practice!

It comes too the Daily Facial Wash from Urbanveda. To have my skin really clean and bright.

The Shower Gel from Gilchrist and Soames smells amazing! Of course it contains red tea, grape seed and milk thistle.

And the Nail Colour from Leighton Denny, perfect for the every day nails!

There was a little surprise inside this month box... a little dark chocolate sample from Green & Black's, to make my waiting at the airport a little less boring!

15 February 2014

Früute, Tarts Unordinary.

Taking a look at the Früute homepage will make you want to buy all their tarts!
They seem so amazing and tasty... here is a little preview of their flavours... Enjoy!

And the Oscar goes to... Lego by Old Red Jalopy

This year Oscar films with Lego!
You can find more Lego movie films at the Old Red Jalopy homepage! :)

Which one will win this year?

13 February 2014

Ciaté Nail Lab

Do you like painting your nails?
I have a lot of different nail lacquer, and I love to paint my nails with different patterns and colours!
Today I have received my Nail Lab from Ciaté and I think I will spend all this weekend playing with my nails!
Take a look...

Here are the basic colours to make my mixing potions...

Some empty pots to put all my nail lacquers discovers...

The little sparkle things to mix with the nail laquers...

And of course, all the tools to make my nails amazing!

And there are a few cards to help me in the begining... :)

Tour D'Amour Advertising by Preuss Und Preuss

Tell me you don't love these cute animals for the Kölner Zoo!
It's from the agency Preuss Und Preuss.

12 February 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014

Take a look at the most amazing photos of the Sochi Olympics all from AP Images!
The source is Gizmodo.

The Lego Movie

Have you seen the trailer of The Lego Movie?

If you haven't, take a look at it... :)

If you enter to the oficial website, you will find a lot of activities to do... like make your own character or play with the Brick Lust!
Have fun! :)

11 February 2014

Dando, the little box by Booboo

Take a look at these cute phots from the lovely box Dando!
You can find more of them at the devianart page of Booboo.