30 April 2014

Cochonou: The French never travel without their Cochonou

Take a look at these advertising from the brand Cochonou.
The advertising agency is Y&R Paris.

7 Day Moisture Miracle Oil Balm by Sanctuary Spa

These days in Japan left my hands really dry. It was not for the cold weather (we had hot temperatures) but I suppose it was for the humidity.
I had an amazing surprise when at the post office I had waiting a tester of the moisture 7 Day Moisture Miracle Oil Balm by Sanctuary Spa.

I have used a few times before share my experiences on the blog, and now my hands are softer and mosturised! :) When you use it, at first it seems a cream but then it melts into a luxurious oil and it leaves an amazing smell on your skin.

I used it too on my lips, they are moisturised and had a very special glow... I love it!

29 April 2014

Emptyland by Jaume Montserrat

These amazing illustrations from Jaume Montserrat are inspired in a dream he has where the animals doesn't have to hunt to eat, and can live without fears of being hunted.
Here I present you Emptyland...

Neroli Hand+Body Lotion by Maling+Goetz

Have you seen the new hand and body lotion from Malin+Goetz?
The Neroil Hand+Body Lotion it's an oil-free hand and body lotion synthesizes calming neroli extract with absorbent botanical fatty acids for a long-lasting light-weight version of body moisturizer.
It's an hydrating and nourishing anti-oxidant treatment for all skin types, and aids in the healing of irritation associated with environmental exposure! :)

28 April 2014

I Love Food! by Jonathan Ball

Would you eat these amazing food?
I can not! They are so cute!
All the illustrations are from Jonathan Ball aka Poked Studio.

An and Min by Kitan Club

I want to introduce you these cute earplugs called An and Min by Kitan Club.

They are really famous in Japan, don't you find them trendy?
There are 6 models to find, my lucky winner seems the most crazy of them... but I love it!

I am not sure they are available to buy outside Japan, but if you have someone visiting the island, don't doubt to ask for one!
They make a really curious earring don't you think? :)

27 April 2014

I'm Back!

After my Wedding and an amazing honeymoon in Japan, I have returned to show you some amazing and new products I have discovered and found during this period!
Ready for them? :)

3 April 2014

The Girlyveggiefruit Alphabet by Aitch

A really veggie vegetable alphabet from the illustrator Aitch! :)

McCain Ready Baked Jackets from BzzAgent

How it sounds a backed jacket potato ready in just 5 minutes?
The Ready Backed Jackets is the new McCain product for this cold days!
Thanks to BzzAgent I was able to try them! :)
Here is the curious recipe I try with them... 

First of all I chopped 2 onions and put it on the frying pan, of course removing them till where golden. Then I add a few pickles (chopped too).

While the pickles and the onions where in the pan I cut in little bits some fuet (kind of Chorizo) to add it too in the mixture.

I put the potato on the microwave for 3 minutes, to get it softer and allow me to put the mixture inside. 

And when all the ingredients seem browned and soft, I put them all on the potato with a little bit of cheese on the top! And here is the result of my recipe! 

It was really to easy to make and quick of course! :)