6 July 2015

Pink Parcel June 2015

During my days of absence I received my Pink Parcel and I loved so much that I thought I have to share it with you!

As always, it has the little bag "for now"....

A big box "for later"...

And a smaller one "for bedtime"...

But my favourite box is always the "for you", take a look at all the cute products where inside the box!

The Quickies will be really helpful on my travel bag!

The three pencils from Popcult are so funny I don't know which one is my favourite...

The nail lacquer Turquoise Temptations from Maybelline it will be perfect for my nails this summer.

Sass, an intimate purifying cleanser...

A beautiful lipstick colour from Mua, the colour name is "Crazy in love"! :)

The Muesli Breaks Oatcakes from Nairn's for my insatiable appetite during these days.

The BeauTea from Australia is not only healthy is yummy too!

The Organic BeautiQ will keep me happy all these days! :)

Another amazing box to help me in these blue days!

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