18 August 2015

Around the World with Type by Rigved Sathe and Payal Jagwani

"Around the world with type" , a shout out to all the beautiful places and people out there! 

Minas Tirith

Would you like to spend a night at the fictional city of Minas Tirith?

You have to take a look at the  Indiegogo project Realise Minas Tirith, they want to make real this fictional city. If you contribute you can have your name on your monument,  plaque with your name or the chance to spend a night there!
There's still a long path to have all the money they need, but if you share the campaign maybe this fiction city will become a reality...

13 August 2015

Superheroes VS Villains: Who Causes More Damage In Movies?

I love watching a good superhero film, but sometimes you wonder which one does more damage to the city, the villain or the hero?
In this curious infographic you will see in some of the most famous movies, which one is the less damaging...

Heroes vs. Villains: Who Causes More Damage?

The source is Design Taxi.

Adopt Don't Buy by KuoCheng Liao

If you want a new pet in you home, you normally have two options, adopting or buying.
All the cats I had at home where adopted and this is what the artist KuoCheng Liao wants to share with us with these amazing dog illustrations. There are so many pets with no home that buying them in a shop it seems so wrong...
Take a look at these beautiful dogs and remember, Adopt Don't Buy!

10 August 2015

The Boho Series 2.0

Would you like to customize your Uke, Bass, or Guitar?

You have to take a look at this Indiegogo campaign, where you will customize your instrument with your needs and designs. Take a look at the amazing
instruments you will be able to play...!

Absurd Life Quote

A little bit of humour on Monday is always the best, don't you think? :)
Enjoy these Absurd Life Quotes...!

8 August 2015

Champs Sports - Shoeflakes by Shane Griffin

Beautiful and original Snowflakes, but with shoes! The original creation is from Shane Griffin.


Do you drink a lot of water? Do you take your water bottle with you everywhere? Is it a plastic bottle or is something different?
I try to drink more than 1 litre of water everyday, and it's easy to have your little plastic bottle with you, but S'well there will be no more plastic wasting, just one pretty bottle always with you! 
S'well are composed in non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel and BPA free. It keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours.
Here are my favourite designs...

7 August 2015

Clayton Shonkwiler Animations

Enjoy these beautiful animations from the artist Clayton Shonkwiler.

Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Genre: Fiction
Source: Library
Rating: 3/5

I have started to read this book after watching the tv series Zoo. It is a quite original series compared to the other ones, so I was quite interested in the plot and wanted to know more.
Ii is a story where the animals are starting to attack humans and acting very strange. Jackson Oz is a blogger who is researching HAC, the aberrant animal behaviour, while the other scientists despise his theories. But after a few animal attacks, Oz theories doesn't seem just a joke, reality starts to overtake fiction. Would the human race won the war against the other animals or would we die trying it?

"The enemy was us. You and me. People. Man, man."

This is a fiction book, curious, original but for now just fiction. It reminds me of a book I read a long time ago called "The Swarm" from the author Frank Schätzing where all the living species in the sea conspire to eradicate the human race, after all the disasters we made to their environment. It was curious reading a book from the animals point of view, always attacking humans with a killing purpose.
This is my first book written by James Patterson, it had intrigued me and make me wonder how bad are the new technologies affecting our environment. Could it be that in a few years we will have trouble with the animals? Would we start feeling the symptoms too late to defend ourselves?
I hope this will be just one more fiction book...

6 August 2015

Photowizjer Art

Enjoy the creations of the artist Photowizjer.

Mental Illness Monsters by Toby Allen

Explaining a mental disorder is never easy, the artist Toby Allen has created some monster illustrations to explain the symptoms of the most famous mental disorders in an easy way to understand. Take a look...

5 August 2015

The Psychology Of Color

Take a look at the meanings of each colour...

The source is I am bored.

Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby Now

Do you know the story of Cecil the Lion? An american tourist who killed the lion while on a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

Now, the  plush-toy manufacturer Ty Inc. announced that it’s making a Beanie Baby to commemorate Cecil the Lion. The company says it will donate all profits from the new toy to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford, the organisation that had been tracking Cecil since 2008.

The source is Bored Panda and Time.

4 August 2015

The Color of Wine by Wine Folly

With just one look at your glass of wine you will be able to know what kind of wine your are drinking!
Take a look at the Color of Wine infographic created by Wine Folly.