27 November 2015

Bouncy Bauble by Sebastian Bergne

How many times while you are decorating your Christmas tree you have broken a bauble glass? Because when I was young I think my mum had to buy a complete new set to replace all the ones I broke...
I like the idea of Sebastian Bergne, the Bouncy Bauble, they are colorful, pretty and when they touch the floor instead of break they bounce! :)
This is the perfect gift for all the ones who have slippery hands, a pet or want something different, take a look...

82 Donut Varieties by Scott Teplin

Take a look at these 82 hand-drawn strawberry frosted donuts by the artist Scott Teplin.
If you like this poster you can buy it now on Kickstarter!

Which is you favorite? :)

26 November 2015

Typographic Experiment by Tien-Min Liao

This is the Tien-Min Liao typographic experiment that explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them. Take a look...

Panda by Hattori Hanzo

If you ever travel to Madrid I want to recommend you this island of relax in the centre of Madrid, the Panda by Hattori Hanzo.

While you enjoy a delicious tea with the most amazing Japanese pastries you can see all the people hurrying in one of the most famous streets in Madrid!

I want to share with you my selections on this beautiful space, you will be hungry, I advise you! :)
I took the Anpan Sakura, with roses cream and mascarpone, jelly lichi and sakura with salt... with a Soya Matcha Latte...

And my companion took two Miniature Motchi, one with Matcha (Matcha Ice cream) and the other with Chocolate Ganache and dust cacao with a Sencha Tea...

25 November 2015


How many times have you seen the amazing vegetable cutters in the internet and never believed they worked?
Today I have tried one of these cutters, the Spiralizer and I can assure you will have some original vegetable forms in your next dishes!
It is easy to use, clean and quick to cut your favourite vegetables on it!

I still have to try all the blades I had inside the packet, but now eating vegetables is easy and more colorful! :)

Doctor Who Tapestry by Bill Moudron

A tribute to The Doctor on his 50th birthday by the artist Bill Moudron.
You can buy the print here.

24 November 2015

Mono Madness III by Nick Frank

The Nick Frank mono madness photographies are amazing!

Blog Tour: Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott

Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott
Genre:Chic Lit, Humor
Source: CLP Blog Tour
Rating: 3/5

Rebecca has had a boyfriend for a year now, Steve, she is not feeling a lot of sparkles when she is with him, but he is reliable and makes her laugh, and maybe she loves him... The only problem he has is that his house is full of objects of his dead wife and Rebecca doesn't know what to think... Is he still in love with his dead wife or he just doesn't know how to confront her death?
But Rebecca's life will get worse after the returning of her sexy ex-boyfriend... Is he still interested in her? Will they still have sparkles together?
Will Rebecca confront Steve about her dead wife or will she return with her sexy ex-boyfriend?

"I wonder if college students carry bugs around in their pockets like little boys. I Imagine the students emptying their stash on Steve's desk and organizing them.
“I put these guys in a jar and scared my mommy.” 
“This is a bug I smooshed on the driveway.” 
“I pulled the wings off this one.”

This is the second book of The Ladies of Rom-Com, but it is a standalone novel too, so if you want to have a good laugh with some humor twists, don't doubt to read this book!
Sometimes I think Rebecca is really afraid of her shadow, don't know what she wants and doesn't fight for it... and her friends... are they really her friends? I am not sure if one of my best friends explain to me that the house of her boyfriend is full of mementos of the dead wife I would say to her to continue dating with the guy! This has to be so creepy!
I found some moments really exhilarating, and how really calm Rebecca reacts! I would make an scene for almost all the "news" Steve gives to her! I am sorry, but if you want to know more about it, you will have to read the book!
Ready to live with your boyfriend and her dead wife?

23 November 2015


Sometimes having a precious necklace it doesn't mean that all the world around you have to know how important it is. This is the curious part of Letter&U, you will just see a precious necklace but not the real meaning of it, this will remain a secret for you and the rest of the world!
You can choose if you like it Black, Silver or Rose Gold, so... which secret message will you wear?

Brand New by Bruce Yan

Artist Bruce Yan has created a series called "Brand New," in which he juxtaposes animated characters with famous brands.

20 November 2015

Bacteria of the New York City Subway by Craig Ward

Over the summer of 2015, artist and experimental typographer Craig Ward rode the trains of each of New York City's twenty-two subway lines, to create an unorthodox portrait of the city's residents at the smallest of scales. Take a look at what he found...

Snoopy & Charlie Brown - The Peanuts Movie Charity Auction

If you have a big house and love Snoopy, you may want to take a look at this Charity Auction. Featuring 15 extra special versions of the iconic Snoopy Kennel which have been designed by an eclectic mix of UK and international celebrities, featuring film stars, musicians, sporting stars and teams. The money will go to these charities: MacMillan Cancer Support, MAKE-A-WISH® UK and Save the Children.

19 November 2015

Darth Vader Morning Routine by Paweł Kadysz

Take a look at the "hard" life Darth Vader day routines, thanks to Paweł Kadysz.

Jason Freeney Micro Anatomic Figure

One of my favourite designers is making some special edition for this Christmas!
Take a look at the super cute mini Lego figures created by Jason Freeney, they will be at your Wish List this Christmas for sure! :)
They will be available pro pre-order starting mid-november!

18 November 2015

Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka Advertising

An original way to make us look closer at all the sweet food we eat, take a look at this advertising...

Advertising Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chief Creative Officer: Ruchi Sharma
Senior Art Director: Ruwan Karunaratne
Art Director: Ravi Amarasinghe
Copywriters: Mayuca Pandithage, Ruwan Karunaratnes
Illustrator: Ruwan Karunaratne / Lawrence
Photographer: Rasika Surasena
Food stylist: Anju Constantine / Dessert Rose
Account Executive: Claude James
Published: November 2015