30 January 2016

Coffee Cats by Elena Efremova

You know that not just humans drink coffee? I once had a cat that loved my latte! Take a look at these Coffee Cats by Elena Efremova, they are really cute! :)

The Day Of The Second Chances by Julie Cohen

The Day Of The Second Chances by Julie Cohen
Genre: Fiction
Source: Transworld Books
Rating: 5/5

Honor has broken her hip in a fall down the stairs, now she will have to live for a small period of time with her daughter in law Jo and granddaughter Lydia. They will have to learn how to live together and start sharing their most deepest secrets... Would their love be enough?

"This is what love feels like.
It's a burning in your chest. A free fall through whooshing air. It's an itch in your skin which can only be soothed by touching. It's how you store up every little word and expression and hoard it for later, when you can go through it in your head and look for the coded messages"

This is the first book I've read by Julie Cohen, but I can just say I love it. There are not a lot of books with strong women that defend their life and their thoughts like the Julie Cohen characters. If they would be real I would love to meet them, they haven't got an easy life, but their strength is enough for them to continue fighting for some happiness in their life.
Honor, with a big secret but trying to live her life as always. Jo, a mother of three children, divorced and having to live with a woman who disrespects her, but always with a positive thought. Lydia, a teenager with a secret that can change her life forever, but ready to face it.
This is one of these books that will remain with you for a long time, the story is beautiful, the characters strong and loyal, chapter after chapter you will be addicted to this book.
Remember to start reading this book on a weekend, you will not be able to stop reading till the last page!
Which is your deepest secret?

27 January 2016

SPLASH CALENDAR 2016 by Tejal Patni

12 goals that hopefully someday will change the way we and our future generations live (www.globalgoals.org) by Tejal Patni.

Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy

Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Can you imagine that your husband killed your daughter simply to enjoy seeing you suffer?
This is why Jodie decided to kill her husband Ethan and herself, she could not live any more time with the pain of having lost her lovely daughter Abby and the thought that her husband killed her just for the pleasure to make her pain. He had to die...
The shame is that the plan didn't work as Jodie thought... Ethan is dead, but she is still alive and has to pass her life in prison... And then, some reporter gave her the news... could it be that Ethan is still breathing while she is suffering in prison?
This will be the trigger of Dead Secret... will Jodie find peace at the end? We will see...

"These men are not sane.'
"That's what we want to believe, right? We want to believe they're psychotic, mentally ill. They must have snapped, lost their mind. Makes it easier for us to bear, I guess. I mean, Jesus, who wants to believe a sane man could murder his own children?'
Novak paused, shook his head, then continued.
'But it doesn't happen in a fit of rage. These are methodical, pre-meditated murders, committed by rational, loving fathers. These guys are as sane as you and me.'!

Having to live with the pain of a daughter's death has to be really difficult, but even more if your husband killed her and had no remorse. That's why I can understand the need of Jodie to find and kill Ethan no matter what, her life is nothing without her daughter, so what is the point to live? 
With this preface, you have won me, is Ethan really dead? Why did he kill her daughter? Which more secrets had Ethan kept from Jodie?
This is a good thriller, slowly you will discover the spiderweb of Ethan's mind, but you will have to find a sort out before is too late...
Why my rating is so low if I really enjoyed the book? Because of the end, I didn't like the end at all, I love a good twist on a plot, something surprising or original, but this ending was too extravagant for my taste... but if you want to talk about the ending you will have to read it! You know, no spoilers! :)
Are you ready for the Dead Secret?

26 January 2016

Matt Blease Art

Some funny illustrations from the artist Matt Blease, enjoy! :)

The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore

The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Everything started with a fight, a fight between Caleb and Bridget. We don't know why, just that they broke up... After the fight Caleb decides to spend the night in a hotel and go for a drink... That's how he meets Emmeline, a mysterious woman, whom he falls immediately in love with... the start of the end... He will have to search for this mysterious woman while he tries to understand the mysterious bodies that are appearing at the bay... Which is the connection between all of them? Caleb will have to solve this puzzle before being too much fascinated in the other world...

""Go on. The slowest drip you can."
He watched the sugar melt through the slotted spoon into the absinthe. The liquid in the glass changed from green to milky white, the cold water precipitating something from the spirit. He could smell herbs now. Wormwood and rue. Anise."

Have you tried absinthe?
It is a green drink that was forbidden for a long time, it seems that after you drank it, you have some hallucinations. This is what you feel when you start reading this book, you enter in a world where everything is obscure, but that you need more...
This is Caleb's story, a dark, gripping and addictive life that will leave no one untouched.
In the Poison Artist there's nothing that is what it seems, but everything has a meaning... would it be enough for Caleb to know the truth?
Ready to try a "Berthe de Joux"?

25 January 2016

HuffPost x Smoothie by Maïté Franchi

You can build the perfect breakfast smoothie thanks to Maïté Franchi.

Lali Blue Shop

Being a woman, I always like a beautiful necklace, but if the necklace has a beautiful story, this means that the piece is invaluable!
In the Lali Blue shop you will find some exquisite pieces that will recall your childhood, they are all handmade and I am sure you will love them!

22 January 2016

If the Posters of the 2016 Oscar Nominees Told the Truth by The Shiznit

I know you have seen the posters of this year Oscar nominees a lot of times, but these ones came with some fun explanation... take a look and have fun! :) In The Shiznit you will find all of them.

The source is My Modern Met.

The Artpin Collection

Take a look at this cute Artpin Collection, they are collectible pins by top artists and designers created for art lovers, pin collectors and fashionable geeks! I am sure you will love this collection like I do! Take a look...

This is a Indiegogo limited edition, and I love it! 

So, if you like them, don't doubt to take a look at the Indiegogo campaign, you still have a few days to buy this special pieces! :)

21 January 2016

Warriors Disney Princesses by MeoMai

Is always funny see the famous Disney Princesses dressed like they are someone else! In this case, the artist MeoMai, has given them weapons! Take a look...

Cityscapes Rings by Shekhtwoman's

Searching for an original present is always tricky, even if you know really well the lucky person. 
So today I want to share with you these original and beautiful rings from Shekhtwoman's, with you favourite cityscape on it! They are all handmade and you can choose which material do you prefer!
Take a look...





20 January 2016

Untouchable Things by Tara Guha Blog Tour

Untouchable Things by Tara Guha
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

Seth is an egocentric man that has created a small group of art lovers to enjoy Friday nights. These members are not just in the group for the art, they all adore Seth in their own special ways, making the group quite special and dark. Seth's motive is not just to enjoy the art and their company, he wants to use them for his own needs... Will the scales fall from their eyes before is too late?

"After the first time he tunes out of the less interesting part, the sound. The vibrato is uneven, the pitch wavering, the timbre too harsh. But the face is mesmeric, eyes contracted to penny slots while the mouth grapes to spew its cheap auditory prize. Munch, of course, is behind some of the distortion, stamping The Scream all over anyone who expresses horror. Even the pretty ones".

This is a slow burning psychological thriller, wrote like scenes of a stage play, you will be discovering the darkest paths of the characters like a fire, first you'll see the sparks and then the fire, but be careful not to be burned...
This is one of these books that after you finish it, you have to process all you have read and all the implications that it means. I am not sure I can understand completely all the characters, maybe the end don't help me to embrace completely the story or all the questions I have now that I've finished! (all of them are spoilers, so I can't share them with you!)
Too many secrets, some of them you just feel, and maybe it is the reason why the author gave the book the title "Untouchable Things", because some secrets you can just imagine them...
In this maze, you are just a mere observer of the play, wait till the end to wake up and applause!
Do you want to become the new member of the Friday Folly?

DU KUN creations

The chinese artist DU kun, creates some painting masterpieces mixing architecture, natural wonders and musicians... Enjoy! :)

The source is designboom.

19 January 2016

Play-Doh: No Internet Required

A funny way to advert the classic Play-Doh, with a glaring truth, you don't need internet to play! :)

Advertising Agency: TWO.AM, South Africa
Creative Director: Marco Russolilo
Art Director: Michael van der Meer
Copywriter: Luke Lockhart-Ross
Head of Art: Reijer van der Vlugt
Project Manager: Kirsten Gerber