31 March 2016

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Have you read anything from Laini Taylor? She is a Young Adult writer and next September she will publish a new book by Hodder & Stoughton; Strange the Dreamer! 

Strange the Dreamer is a book of...
  • the aftermath of a war between gods and men
  • a mysterious city stripped of its name
  • a mythic hero with blood on his hands
  • a young librarian with a singular dream
  • a girl every bit as perilous as she is imperilled
  • alchemy and blood candy, nightmares and godspawn, moths and monsters, friendship and treachery, love and carnage.
Take a look at the prologue, you will want to read more!

On the second sabbat of Twelfthmoon, in the city of Weep, a girl fell from the sky.
Her skin was blue, her blood was red.
She broke over an iron gate, crimping it on impact, and there she hung, impossibly arched, graceful as a temple dancer swooning on a lover’s arm. One slick finial anchored her in place. Its point, protruding from her sternum, glittered like a brooch. She fluttered briefly as her ghost shook loose, and then her hands relaxed, shedding fistfuls of freshly picked torch ginger buds.
Later, they would say these had been hummingbird hearts and not blossoms at all.
They would say she hadn’t shed blood but wept it. That she was lewd, tonguing her teeth at them, upside down and dying, that she vomited a serpent that turned to smoke when it hit the ground. They would say a flock of moths had come, frantic, and tried to lift her away.
That was true. Only that.
They hadn’t a prayer, though. The moths were no bigger than the startled mouths of children, and even dozens together could only pluck at the strands of her darkening hair until their wings sagged, sodden with her blood. They were purled away with the blossoms as a grit-choked gust came blasting down the street. The earth heaved underfoot. The sky spun on its axis. A queer brilliance lanced through billowing smoke, and the people of Weep had to squint against it. Blowing grit and hot light and the stink of saltpeter. There had been an explosion. They might have died, all and easily, but only 
this girl had, shaken from some pocket of the sky.
Her feet were bare, her mouth stained damson. Her pockets were all full of plums. 
She was young and lovely and surprised and dead.
She was also blue.
Blue as opals, pale blue. Blue as cornflowers, or dragonfly wings, or a spring—not summer—sky.
Someone screamed. The scream drew others. The others screamed, too, not because a girl was dead, but because the girl was blue, and this meant something in the city of Weep. Even after the sky stopped reeling, and the earth settled, and the last fume spluttered from the blast site and dispersed, the screams went on, feeding themselves from voice to voice, a virus of the air.
The blue girl’s ghost gathered itself and perched, bereft, upon the spearpoint-tip of the projecting finial, just an inch above her own still chest. Gasping in shock, she tilted back her invisible head and gazed, mournfully, up.
The screams went on and on.
And across the city, atop a monolithic wedge of seamless, mirror-smooth metal, a statue stirred, as though awakened by the tumult, and slowly lifted its great horned head.

Delicious Items by Jin Sethanukul

Enjoy these delicious food created by Jin Sethanukul! :)

The Herb Garden by Jo Malone

Every year at the end of winter Jo Malone takes a limited edition collection of colognes, and of course every year I have to buy at least one of these precious fragrances, I love them!
This year they are made with herbs of the garden, with surprisingly amazing smells! Of course is never easy to choose which one is the best for you, I had trouble deciding if I preferred the fresh and citrus Sorrel & Lemon Thyme or the original and sweet Carrot Blossom & Fennel Cologne. At the end I had chosen...

Carrot Blossom & Fennel Cologne; A hybrid of refinement and whimsy, the first impression of just-ripe carrot entwined with fresh fennel immediately hooks with a distinctive twist. Rose and orange flower water bloom brightly with the earthy sweetness of heritage carrot while the floral elegance of iris punctuates an unforgettable finish.

This year, the cologne it came with a surprise, some herbs to plant on my garden! 
There are three seed balls, with a mix of wildflower, herb and vegetable seeds; geranium, aster, cornflower, coriander, flat-leaf parsley, lavender, thyme, rocket, carrot and nigella.
I will tell you how this experiment ends in a few months! :)

30 March 2016

The Long Drop by Denise Mina (Chapter 1 exclusive)

The Long Drop by Denise Mina
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Netgalley

I've got the chance to read the first chapter of the new Denise Mina book thanks to Netgalley, from the Alex Morrow series. I have to say that this is my first book of this series, but is a stand alone book, so no problem at all! :)

"This story happens in the old boom city, crowded, wild-west, chaotic. This city is commerce, unfettered. It centres around the docks and the river, and it is all function. It dresses like the Irish women: head to toe in black, hair covered, eyes down."

In this chapter we meet William Watt, who seems to need a lawyer, but not any lawyer, a very expensive one! Did he kill anyone?
There's Peter Manuel too, a professional criminal who says he knows something about the Burnside Murders, and that seems to interest very much to William... Would it be true? Or is it just another street without ending?
Just one chapter but I want to know more! This is a crime mystery written with some delightful words that will catch you from the first page!
Denise has enchanted me with only one chapter, what will she do with a full book?

Princess Shoes by Griz and Norm

Can you guess all the Disney Princess shoes with the illustrations of the artist grizandnorm?

The Kind of Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

The Kind of Worth Killing by Peter Swanson
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

Two strangers meet in an airport and plan a crossed murder, does this story sound familiar? Yes, the start is the same of the famous Strangers on a Train from Patricia Highsmith, but with a few surprises and more darker!
Will they succeed on their crimes or the police will discover the "secret" plan?

"I always say that two martinis are too many, and three is not enough"

In this hitchcockian novel not everything is what it seems, everyone has a secret plan...
In the beginning, I was a little disappointed there where so many similarities from Strangers on a Train... but then page by page the book made a few twists that it was darker and more complex that the similarities seem just a coincidence!
Peter Swanson has created some dark characters that they seem onions, every peel they remove is a gripping secret! But at the end you understand their motives, so don't want them to be caught... Yes, they have committed murder, but is more a selfdefense action than a real murder. The line between innocence and guilty... so difficult to decide!
In these book there are four main characters, and every chapter is personated with one; Lily the mysterious woman, Ted the cheated husband and her cheater wife Miranda and of course the poor detective, Kimball. Their life will cross and no one will never be the same...
Ready to plan a murder?

29 March 2016

Killing Me Softly by R. Biel

Killing Me Softly by R. Biel
Genre: Chic Lit, Mystery
Source: Chic Lit Plus
Rating: 3/5

Can the perfect weekend end up worst than Sadie's romantic escape? Sadly I don't think so... firstly she and her boyfriend broke and after, she discovers that he had died in a tragic accident. But Sadie's problem has just started... ready for this rollercoaster?

This is not the book you will expect to read, is not just a love story; there's mystery, a kidnapping and a an attempt to murder!
Sadie's story is quite sad and full of surprises, not all of them good... but there are some unexpected twists, two handsome guys and a very brave woman, what more do you need?
I had a good time reading this book, the situation between Sadie and her sister is so scaring that I am really relieved to not have any brother or sister... if I ever found that any of my brothers or sisters are having and affair with my boyfriend... maybe it would not just be a thought of a dead person I would have... But Sadie take the news not so badly, and lucky for her there are two handsome guys that will make her forget her boring and cheater ex-boyfriend! :)
Have you ever thought of someone's death?

The Spring Muses by _ moon

Some amazing ink illustrations from the artist _ moon.

23 March 2016

Kinokuniya Sydney - Wonderland of Books by Charles Santoso

Amazing illustrations from the artist Charles Santoso! :)

SugarBakersBakery Flower Lollipop

Spring is always full of colours, that's what these lollipop remind me while I was looking which ones where more delicious in the SugarBakersBakery Etsy shop.
They are made with sugar and real flowers! Perfect for a party gift or just to sweet your mood!

The source is Bored Panda.

22 March 2016

The first line (or first few lines) of the most famous books of all time

Enjoy! :)
The source is Popsugar.

The first line (or first few lines) of the most famous books of all time

A Savage Hunger by Claire McGowan

A Savage Hunger by Claire McGowan
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 5/5

The forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has a new case, a young girl has disappeared and there's a lot of blood at the scene, but this is not the first time a girl disappears in this church... are the two cases connected? Would the police and Paula be able to find Alice before is too late?

"Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way."
Lewis Carroll

Claire McGowan has won a new fan. I liked very much the previous book and with this one she won me completely! I like how Claire mixes a mystery case with some tricky themes (in this case eating disorders) and some of Ireland's history, mixing reality and fiction in a very original way.
I feel quite touched with Alice's story, she has disappeared and no one is searching for her, neither friends or family, not an easy life for a young woman who is fighting too against eating disorders. Someone with anorexia is someone with a very dangerous illness, where they prefer to starve to death before eating... not easy to talk or maybe to understand the motives and difficulties for the families and friends to help. 
Paula will try to find Alice before her wedding, as always, her life is not easy and there's a big problem if you are the bride and don't know for sure you are ready to get married, don't you think?
I highly recommend this mystery book, you will be glued onto the story since page one, wanting to know Alice's story and how Paula will solve her wedding dress problem! :)
What will you do to control your life?

21 March 2016

Creatures by Anti Viitala

Some amazing photographies of animals by Anti Viitala.

Bannor Toys

Searching for baby toys on the internet is quite stressful, you find too many products but never know if the photos are the same as the product!
I've been searching for a beautiful car for my baby since I knew I was pregnant, but never found the "one" since I finally discovered Bannor Toys; it is a small company that makes handmade wood toys.
This is the Hotrod Wooden Toy Car made with walnut hardwood with a satin smooth finish and covered with a bee wax and flaxseed mixture. The best of all is that you can personalise it with your baby's name! :)

I've found too this cute teether, perfect for little hands and ready to "eat"!

For now these are the most amazing and beautiful toys I've found for my little one, I recommend you to take a look at their shop!

19 March 2016

The Chemistry of Guiness by Andy Brunning

Yep, this week I have shared a lot of chemistry, but I think is fun and informative!
Have you ever thought what makes Guiness different from the other beers? Take a look at this infographic (The Chemistry of Guiness) and you will have answers for some of your questions! :)

The source is Chemical and Engineering News.

Cypress Watch

In the technology age, having a beautiful basic wood watch is something maybe unthinkable?
Take a look at these simple Cypress Watch, they are colourful, beautiful and stylised, perfect for the not lovers of the famous all in one watches.
Which is your favourite one?

17 March 2016

Lips Creations by girlgreybeauty

Beautiful lips creations by the artist make-up Andrea Reed (girlgreybeauty)! :)

Choccy Orange by The Collective


This is the only word I can say after trying the new Limited Edition Choccy Orange by The Collective! It's a mixture of chocolate and orange and is amazing! :)
If you want to surprise someone this Easter, this is the perfect gift, will be the dream of any chocolate lover!

As every time I try one of the new The Collective flavours I am surprised how they make this original flavours, they are so delicious... If you have the chance, don't doubt to try the Choccy Orange, the last time I was in the supermarket they were gone!

16 March 2016

No Place To Hide by Susan Lewis

No Place To Hide by Susan Lewis
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Rating: 2/5

Justine Cantrell has left her husband and her family to live in a remote village far, far away...
What is she hiding from? Will she ever forgive herself? Time cures everything... maybe she just needs time...

'Hope' is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops - at all...
Emily Dickinson

This is a book of pardon and forgiveness, where a mother has to suffer the most unthinkable that a mother can face and try to live with it. Easy to say, difficult to do.
Being in Justine's skin is not easy, separate from your husband and family just to have a little peace for your little child has not been an easy decision, but maybe it would not be the correct, in the moments of more sorrow being surrounded by family and friends is the best way to grieve, and that's what at the end she understands. You can try to hide from tragedy, but it will follow you until you face it.
This is a slow burn book, where tragedy is everywhere and with epic proportions, that's why I didn't like it very much... I think we all face enough tragedy in our lives to read about more drama... It is a very well written book and interesting, but maybe is not the best moment for me to read this book! 
I would recommend it to you if you like to read about real emotions and feelings, because you feel the real pain and suffer the characters feelings, making it more realistic but at the same time more sad. I can only tell you that at the end, you will find your answers.
There's no place to hide...

The Titans Of Industry by Brandon Johnson

A cute poster from Brandon Johnson! :)

15 March 2016

Chocolate Chemistry by Andy Brunning

Is almost the best time for the chocolate lovers, Easter!
I thought it would be original showing to you this little infographic showing the chemistry properties of the famous three types of chocolate we all love!
The article is from Andy Brunning in Chemical and Engineering News.

Jihadi, A Love Story by Yusuf Toropov

Jihadi, A Love Story by Yusuf Toropov
Genre: Fiction
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5

This is the Thelonius Liddel's memoirs while he waits his destiny at the Beige Motel...

"A question for you. You must choose between: A) flying on a plane whose route and security procedures benefit from intelligence gathered by means of 'torture'; or B) flying on a plane whose crew have no such intelligence."

First of all, thanks to Orenda Books for sharing this book with me, it was quite a discovery!
This is not a book you will read in just one read, you will have to stop and absorb all the turbulent things you've read and how the writer has created a maze, and where piece by piece everything starts to fit page by page.
In the beginning it will be quite difficult to follow the story mixing the Liddel's memoirs with the psychologist annotations. But page by page you will enter in the Jihadi world, where not everything is what it seems...
This book will make you rethink your point of view in the Middle Eastern conflict, making you remember that there are good and bad people in the world, but the line between them is quite thin sometimes... 
Will you follow your heart or your country?

11 March 2016

The Crazy Plate Lady by Jacqueline Poirier

Even a plate can be a master piece, take a look at the original designs of The Crazy Plate Lady, you will want to have one! :)

La Petite Robe Noir by Guerlain

Want to take a look at my new little discovery?

Guerlain has decided to make a complete collection of their famous cologne La Petite Robe Noir, including some nail polishes! I have decided to give them a try, the bottle is so cute and the colours are to dream... specially the 007, Black Perfecto, a very bright colour with claret hints shining with the light.

Don't doubt to take a look at all the colours of this collection, they are amazing! :)