28 February 2017

If Literature's Biggest Romantics Could Text by Sparknotes

Have some fun with these texts imagining that the Literature Biggest Romantics share their love with the mobile! 

The source is Spanknotes.

Happy Birthday Little One

Today is my baby's birthday, he will be 1 year old today. In these hours, one year ago I was at the hospital giving birth to him, a moment of fear, pain and happiness. Today I am happy that he's been with us for a full year, learning to love him, teaching him and not sleeping very much! But sadly one year ago my mum was with me in the moment of birth and I never thought that she wouldn't be with me when he will turn one year. So I am not sure if I am happy that my little one is turning one or sad that my mum had missed it, because today will be too the anniversary of her death, 8 months...
She was so happy to be with me in the moments of birth that she decided to stop the chemotherapy to come and stay with us for two weeks instead of trying to continue the treatment. That two weeks were her happiest weeks with me, she was lucky that I broke waters at the end of the first week, so she spend one week with me and the other with me and my baby. In this 8 months without her I had so many questions that only she could answer... so many things that I would never asked to anyone instead of her... She would be so happy that he is starting talking and that doesn't want to stop any minute... she would ask if he's eating good, that I have to have patience... so many advices to ask and don't have the person to ask for it...
But in the other hand she wouldn't want me sad or crying, she would say that I did know that she would die in a moment or other and that I couldn't be sad all day, that life continues, and that I should remember all the good moments we shared together and just smile and be happy that I have someone that loves me very much and a little man that will love me too.
So, happy birthday little one, from your mum and your grandmother too!

27 February 2017

Mahmoud Tammam Arabic Words

This is a project transforming the Arabic words into the shape of their meanings by Mahmoud Tammam. Take a look...

The Secret by Katerina Diamond

The Secret by Katerina Diamond
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Between past and present, Katerina Diamond delights us in a gripping thriller with murders, kidnapping and drugs. This is an amazing read, full of suspense, half truths and some really bad guys.
This is the second book the DI Imogen Grey, where the main characters are the same, of course with their own baggage and problems. We can miss a little bit of their relation, but you can read it as standalone. After reading it, I am sure you will want to buy the first! ;)
The story is told between the past and the present, telling the relations with the character and their involvement in the case. We will discover Imogen's past and a little bit more of Adrian's life. After reading the ending I can't wait to know what the future awaits for them...! I hope we will have some answers...
Which is your secret?

26 February 2017

Birth Announcements by Lucille Duchêne

Beautiful illustrations for a Birth Announcement or simply because you love them! These cute illustrations are from the artist Lucille Duchêne.

#InCoWriMo 2017

Yes, I know, the last two days I haven't updated my blog, but I had been quite busy and with no time for anything else! 

At the beginning of the year I found a curious challenge for this February, #InCoWriMo, to write a letter each day to someone you don't know from around the world! The idea sounded original and fun, so I didn't doubt to inscribe me on the list to send and receive letters! 
The first week was easy, I was writing a letter each day to someone on the list, the problem started the second week of February, I started to receive letters and letters... now I am writing 4 or 5 letters each day, but I still have a lot of letters to answer! So with the letters, my baby and the books, these last two days have been completely crazy!
February is almost finished, so maybe I will receive some more letters, but I suppose not so many, and I would be able to do something more in my life that write letters! ;)
I have to say that some of the letters are very pretty and with cute little pieces of paper art, something that I will treasure for a long time!

23 February 2017

The Promise by Casey Kelleher - Blog Tour

The Promise by Casey Kelleher
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 3'5/5

Josie Parker has made a decision, she has never been a good mother, but she is ready to face prison if her two little daughters can have a better life. Will they be able to accept her decision and keep their promise?g

"It was as if she was outside her own body. Floating in mid-air.
She could see the looks of shock and horror on their faces. The tears in their eyes.
She looked down - saw what they could see...
A jagged spray of deep red splattered across the front of her clothes."

The Promise, the title on this book is everything, is what Marnie and Georgie had promised to her mother, never tell the truth of what really happened that fateful night. It will haunt them, but what is really worth a life?
This is not an easy book, reading about drug abuse, prostitution and abusers is never easy. Josie and her two daughters had the worst life you can imagine, but after her mother is sent to prison they think this will change... never so far from real. Marnie's father is ready to welcome them in his house, sadly he is the worst nightmare they could ever have!
This book will haunt you, make you scream and feel the sadness and fear on your skin, The Promise will stay with you for a long time. Ready?

One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis - Blog Tour

One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Penguin
Rating: 4'5/5

Vicky has made a little "mistake", she left her son alone at home... and this would be the start of her own particular nightmare. She will confide her secret to her best friend, and this will be her worst mistake ever! Ready?

"She adores this baby, feels an affinity with him. Like her he has moments of intense anger and emotion, like her he always wants more than he gets; and there is something else about him, some inner insecurity that Amber recognizes because it's in her too."

When we start reading this book, our first thought about Vicki is that she is a bad mother. What kind of mother leaves her son alone at home to visit a house? This is not just a little mistake! She is reckless and doesn't value her family... But when we start knowing her, we discover that yes, she made a wrong decision, but she wants to make amends and repair the hurt she had done...
And Amber, her best friend, she is evil, I know you have to keep your enemies near, but I think if you have a friend like her, put her as far as possible! She didn't have a good childhood, to say it easy, but trying to hurt your best friend will not help you!
Vicki is like a butterfly, pretty and ready to taste a little bit of everything, and not sure what she really wants until she looses everything... She has faults like everyone, but has learnt the lesson and she is ready to change to be a better mother and wife, will Amber help her?
While you are reading this book, you will feel that there's something else, that there's a mystery that we don't know, that Amber's fixation in Vicky is hiding something... and while we discover her path, we discover too her worst nightmares and her horrible childhood.
This book will make you think about what kind of behaviour is acceptable to being a good mother and which would be the limit that you can stand in the relationship with your best friend.
In this crescendo psychological thriller, the truth is not the most important thing, it's the trust between you, your family and friends.
Who knows your darkest secrets?

22 February 2017

hot.kenobi creations

hot.kenobi has created these curious scenes, where toys come to life!
Take a look...

Noveltea Tins

As a reader lover, my relax moments are the ones when I submerge in to a book with a good tea/coffee that's why I loved so much Noveltea Tins, you can have a delicious tea with a lovely book to store it!

Every tin has a special illustration mixing some old classic books with their tea, an original idea don't you think?
I can't wait to try their amazing teas and have on my hands these beautiful books, and you?

21 February 2017

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole - Blog Tour

The moment has arrived! The 23rd of February is the day you will be able to purchase the amazing Daniel Cole book called Ragdoll, do you remember that I highly recommended it on my post?
If you need a reminder, here is the review...

Everything starts with a body, but not a normal body, a body made with parts of other victims! Who are the victims and what does it mean?
Wolf, the most infamous detective in London will be in charge of this case, but when a list with possible next victims killer appears, it starts the countdown... Will the police be able to stop the killer before any more deaths? Or would this be the next unstoppable serial killer?

"Baker picked up the half-empty bottle of red wine.
'Wine?' she offered pleasantly.
'Depends, what kind is it?'
'I can see that. I meant: where is it from?'
'No, I mean... I'll pass.'
Baxter shrugged and returned to her box."

This book reminds me of Luther, the tv series, with a dark police detective that his right and wrong views are in a blur, he's only objective to catch the killer!
Ragdoll is not just the story of a killer, it has trimmings of the police, the journalists and the victims of this violent serial killer. The story is catchy, but dark and gripping too, that's why this is an amazing thriller!
Daniel Cole has created an amazing book, bits of mystery, disturbing murders, some humor and a Wolf! What else can we ask for?
This is not just a page turner book, you will empathise with the police and the victims, and you will feel the countdown on your own skin! Can you imagine that you know the day you will die and not being able to change it? Six people are on this list, and the police has no idea who is killing them. They will try to solve the mystery before it's too late. I am not sure it will be soon enough...
There are a lot of serial killer books, why this one is must a read instead of another one? Because it's not just the writing that keeps you glued on the book till the end, it's like an addiction, you just want more!
Sometimes, trying to make the right we make the wrong... Are you a sheep or a wolf?

Everything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister

Everything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

This review contains spoilers, so it's your choice to continue reading or to read the book before reading my review!
This is one of those books that is so close to home that instead of enjoying it, it made me sad and had nightmares during the three days I was reading it. The story is curious and makes you rethink about how much you need to know everything in your relationship. I have to admit that I wouldn't be so suspicious, and that's a big problem Rachel has. 
And I know what is it to lose your mother, because it's just been 7 months that my mum passed away, with a colon cancer that the doctors just gave her 3 to 6 months to live. For me it's still difficult to read about cancer, the patients, the therapy, the sadness... and this book didn't make it easy neither. And on those cases where there's nothing you can do, knowing the real truth, makes the patient and the family the sense they can control something about this unpredictable illness.
And oh, the robberies, I know what it is that someone enters your home almost every day to steal your things; ice, beer, plants, not something precious just the pleasure to steal. This happened a few years ago in my uncle's farm, the police said that they couldn't do anything, because the thieves had to be catch "in fraganti". They told me in my face that the day the wanted to enter I didn't have to worry, they would return when I wouldn't be there. I know what it is the helplessness to lose your privacy, one time after another. We didn't have arms, and we didn't kill anyone, but there were times that we wished... Jack made a bad choice, something that he will have to live for the rest of his days, but when you are desperate, you are irrational and without common sense, with high possibilities to do something really, really, wrong.
This book is well written and interesting, yes, but I didn't enjoyed very much, I think in a few years I will have to re-read it and maybe change my review.

20 February 2017

How Small We Are in the Scale of the Universe? by Yukai Du

In 1995, scientists pointed the Hubble Telescope at an area of the sky near the Big Dipper. The location was apparently empty, and the whole endeavor was risky – what, if anything, was going to show up? But what came back was nothing short of spectacular: an image of over 1,500 galaxies glimmering in a tiny sliver of the universe.

Take a look at the curious creations of Yukai Du...

Paper Neighborhood

Do you like watching the buildings architecture?
Thanks to these curious stamps, for now on you will be able to copy your favourite buildings with paper! A funny and original idea called Paper Neighborhood.

Paper Neighborhood is a set of 21 vulcanized rubber stamps, each depicting a single characteristic of Italianate-style architecture. This style was common in the late 19th century and can still be found in historic neighborhood such as Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Take a look at some of the original creations you can do...!

18 February 2017

Shelter by Rhyll Biest - Blog Tour

Shelter by Rhyll Biest
Genre: Erotic, Romance
Source: Reading Romance
Rating: 3/5

Two lost souls will be crossing their paths in the lonely rural village of Walgarra. There's been a murder and Kat Daily and Luka Belovuk will try to discover who killed him if they are not distracted by their mutual passion.

"Since Galenka, who sometimes preferred to be called Galina was merely the vestigial remains of Kat's childhood imaginary friend- a sad, mean half-Russian girl with snakes for eyes who relished her eyes who relished her role as a troublemaker and prophetess of doom and who only made an appearance during times of great stress- Kat felt justified ignoring her."

I thought this was a mystery book, but it has more erotism than mystery, yes, there is a crime, but the detective Luka Belovuk doesn't try very much to catch the killer. Instead he prefers to centre his attention to the new member of the RSPC, Kat, who has an obscene imaginary friend with some really dirt vocabulary!
I was surprised with the hard work the RSPC members have to do, they put their lives in danger almost every day to safe battered animals, they should receive a medal!
Kat loves animals, that's something certain, and after the few drops she tells us about her childhood, I can believe she prefers them as humans, who would not?
This is a book for lovers of romance and erotism, good read!

Diesel, Make Love Not Walls Advertising

Enjoy this true advertising by Diesel, Make Love Not Walls!

Advertising Agency: ​Anomaly, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Executive Creative Directors: Martin Ginsborg, Lars Jorgensen
Creative Director: Chris Adams, Ross Cavin
Agency Producer / Post Producer: Julia Llamas
The source is Ads of the World.

17 February 2017

Balanced Diet by Paloma Rincón

A funny and original way to show us how it is a real Balanced Diet by Paloma Rincón.

A Room Full Of Killers by Michael Wood

A Room Full Of Killers by Michael Wood
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

DCI Matilda Darke has a very special case to investigate, a young man is dead, but he killed his grandparents and was imprisoned in a special facility for young killers. There are seven more prisoners in the facility, is one of them the killer or they will be the next victims?

"'Rory, you can't let these lads get to you. Yes, they've committed the worst crimes imaginable but they're paying for them. That, at leas, should give you some comfort.'
'It's the fact they committed them in the first place, I've got a brother and cousins who are the age of some of these lads. What if they turn into killers?'"

I loved this book, the story, the characters, the writing, this is a must read book!
This is my first book of Matilda Darke, the third on the series, but after reading this book, I must confess I am already a fan!
Matilda is not the perfect heroine, she has problems like any human, she fails like any human but at the same time she is brave and tries to enforce the law when she believes there's an injustice.
This is a difficult case, we don't want to think about it, but there are young offenders that kill and don't have any regrets about it, can you imagine a room full of them? That's what Matilda will have to face here, there's a killer among the killers, a real nest of scorpions!
Michael Wood has not just written an amazing thriller, he throws us a quite interesting question, killers are born or created by society? A question that for now we don't have an answer but it's scaring just the thought of it.
Something was bothering me while I was reading this book, why these killers even after they committed such horrible crimes they were still treated like minors? They have the freedom that the person they killed will never have again and they have their own room with personal items on them. I don't believe in death penalty, but I think they should stay in prison, not have a facility with so many privileges! And I am not surprised that the people who work there don't stay longer or that they are not very qualified... are you?
This engaging, gripping and dark thriller has the perfect recipe to be one of my favourite books this year!
Ready to enter A Room Full Of Killers?

16 February 2017

Lego Batman Siri Easter Egg

Do you want to watch the Lego Batman Movie?
If you can't wait, you can enjoy a funny Easter Egg on you Iphone, because Siri will answer you like you are Batman! Funny don't you think?
Take a look at some of the originals answers you can get...

The source is Bricks To Life.