31 May 2017

100% Pure Sewage Popsicles

Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti, three students at the National Taiwan University of Arts, collected sewage water from all over Taiwan and and turned them into popsicles for a project titled “100% Pure Sewage Popsicles.”

Take a look at these delicious popsicles...!

Tasty and delicious, don't you think?

The source is Magazine Click.

Mills & Boon Insider - May 2017

Spring means blossoms and hot temperatures... and love in every corner of course!
That's why you will love this month Mills & Boon Insider books, will make you dream and enjoy a heartwarming everywhere, ready?

This is a short but cute love story, where everything started in a night of passion and maybe it will end with marriage?
Let yourself indulge this sweet story with love filling every page in a dreamful Palazzo!
Miranda knows that a night of passion can not be compared to a life of love, but maybe Andie's intentions are more nearer to his heart than she thinks?
Sometimes a baby can make you see your heart's wishes, when the reason is blind you have to trust your heart!
Ready for The Pregnancy Bombshell?

Lucy and Jax had a brief relation years ago, and things didn't finish quite well... now their paths have crossed again and maybe some misunderstandings from the past will come to light (and a few secrets too, of course!) making these two love birds fall in love again...
With a few passion scenes and a lot of love, Lucy and Jax will, maybe, let their feelings flow?
This is the third book of the Brides for the Taking, this is a standalone book, but at the end you will miss the connection between the characters, I recommend you to start this trilogy from the beginning, these sisters seem fun to read!

Making your wishes come true is easy if your are a Sheikh (you have money to buy everything) but you can't buy love... this is something that the arrogant Idris will have to learn if he wants that the Dr. Robin Kelley treat his daughter and heal his heart, it would not be an easy procedure, she will need a lot of hours for this important operation, as you can imagine!
This is the fifth book of Paddington Children's Hospital and after reading last month book I am starting to feel like I know the doctors of the Paddington Hospital! ;)
I am not a big fan of arrogant men, but I can understand the fear of Idris to fall in love again.. but maybe listening a little bit more and don't being so egocentric would be great!
This is a sweet story, how a father tries to really understand his little daughter and opens his heart for good!
Ready for a trip at the Sheikh's heart?

30 May 2017

Humour by Yehuda Devir

Some funny but so real couple moments shared by the artist Yehuda Devir. Enjoy!

Bloodline by Vicki Vass - Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway

Bloodline by Vicki Vass
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

'"Run, run, Terra, now," Her frantic voice followed me as I darted through the thicket. It cut through me, slashing at me as I pushed my way down the hill toward the stream.'

Can you imagine trying to discover a killer being a cat?
This is the story of Terra (Earth in English), a human witch that was transformed to a cat a hundred years ago, and that doesn't know how to return to her human body!
The story is told between the modern day Asheville and the past within the Salem witch hunt, this mixture makes the book complete and mysterious at the same time.
Terra wants to discover who killed her human friend Lionel, and will have the help of the young Abigail, who "listens to animal voices", the hungry cat, Pixel, and the ladies of the Biltmore Society (quite "charming" women if you ask me!). This is a book full of magic, potions, herbs and enchantments, perfect for Wicca lovers!
I liked this book, but it was too much magic for my taste, I really don't know anything about the Wicca religion, so for me is something completely unknown and total fantasy... I prefer something more real, but this doesn't mean the book wasn't interesting or well written! Just for fantasy lovers!
Ready to meet Terra?

Interested? Good luck in the Giveaway!

29 May 2017

Day 8 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Today it has been a day full of energy, I even made a little of exercise (I don't believe it neither!), so the Teapigs matcha challenge is working, I am eating more healthier and I don't feel so tired at night, great!
Today I enjoyed a delicious recipe with my matcha, please don't hate me if you gain a little of weight! ;)

Matcha Pancakes

  • 135g plain flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp of caster sugar (you can use honey instead for a healthy recipe)
  • 130ml of milk
  • 1 large egg 
  • 2tbsp of oil
  • 1 matcha Teapigs stick

The recipe really doesn't have any trick, mix everything together. The milk the latest because it will be easy to mix it up! Try to melt all the lumps and put it on a pan (where previously you have added a little bit of oil to fry the pancakes). And just cook till is golden!
Voilà, a delicious dessert! :)

FantasyArt0102 Creations

Take a look at these fantasy worlds, make you dream! By the artist FantasyArt0102

Zodiac by Sam Wilson

Zodiac by Sam Wilson
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Penguin
Rating: 4/5

Everything is connected, this is something that we have to remember, a murder is something personal, you just have to find the important link between the killer and the victim, even if it means the weirdest thing possible! ;)

"'A founding principle of our science is that the world is a mechanism that follows rules as elegant and immutable as the orbits of the planets. Our own foolish urge to escape our true natures has broken the mechanism and let to great suffering. Society is a broken machine.'"

It was quite strange in the beginning to understand the Zodiac world, where everyone is classified for their horoscope sign...
Can you imagine a world where the classes depend on your birthday month? Something that you can't choose, something that is totally random? It is completely crazy, yes, even they plan the birthday if the baby is not to be born the month they need! It was strange, there are special schools for children that have born in a different month than their parents and try to change their character to adapt them as how they should act, weird, extreme... sadly I am sure people would like this type of class!
This book talks about police abuse, parents negligence, class separation... so many important themes that you will be surprised how a crime book can be so profound and interesting!
I liked how the main character Detective Jerome Burton, who doesn't believe at all in the horoscope fate, has to work with the Profiler Lindi Childs whose life is based entirely in the zodiac. I felt it was a comparison between a religious person and an atheist, who has the reason? Of course none of them, the world is grey, neither black or white, if they work together, they will get what they want.
I highly recommend this book, it has a killer to catch surrounded with mystics, making this thriller original and interesting at the same time, a must read!

28 May 2017

Day 7 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

After a week drinking/eating Teapigs matcha everyday, I can say that I feel more energised, I can stay awake till late and even if I try to sleep after dinner (my baby love to wake up really early and is the only moment I can relax) I can't, so really, matcha gives you energy for all day!

Today but, I am quite lazy, so I will enjoy my matcha with my basic and boring orange juice...!

Any easy recipes to share?

Tiny PMS Match

A Inka Mathew project of tiny proportion – matching small everyday objects to their Pantone colours.

I posted this artist two years ago, take a look at the post here.

Irregular Choice & Disney

I am not sure if you know the brand Irregular Choice, they don't sell boring shoes and accessories but colourful, original and perfect to be the queen of the party!
Now, they made a collaboration with Disney, it was on sale yesterday, but some of the products are still available, take a look and go for your card, you will want all of them! ;)

27 May 2017

Day 6 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

I am not sure if it's the Teapigs Matcha but I am more awake, these days I can go to sleep later and wake up at the same time with the same energy as before (I am sure if my little one didn't start singing at 7am my body would be less tired, but... whatever...!)
My skin? These days seems more oily... maybe is time to start changing the cream, is starting to be warmer and my skin doesn't need so many moisturising as when is cold, and I don't want an oily skin again!
Today I had a packed morning, so my matcha had to be easy to drink and make, so I mixed it with a ColdPress Smoothie with vegetables, it was a little bit difficult to dissolve all the bits, but it was delicious as always!

Do you have any favourite smoothie to mix with your matcha?

Stephen Mcmennamy Combined Staff

Funny and original combinations by Stephen Mcmennamy, enjoy!

Grilled, Chilled and Killed by Lesley A. Diehl - Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway

Grilled, Chilled and Killed by Lesley A. Diehl
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Emily Shook is an expert to find dead bodies and to snoop at the murders cases, for desperation of the police is quite good at it. This time the murder is soaked with barbecue sauce and a lot of rivals that could be the killers...
Ready to be Grilled, Chilled and Killed?

'"Your mother was cold. I worried about hypothermia." Lewi's voice carried conviction and authority, but not with total success.
"When did the cure for hypothermia become a shower for two?" Naomi's lips twitched around the edges.
"Body heat," they both replied in unison.'

This is quite a mystery; with a lot of characters and some secrets that will surprise you, no wonder we have a dead body!
This is the second book of the Big Lake Murder Mysteries, you can read it as standalone, and although there are some bad characters that come from the first book, you can follow perfectly the story.
I have to say that I am a little disappointed on how the police work in this case, they are completely useless! Emily has more contacts and detective intuition than the main detective! Maybe Lewis is too much focused flirting with Emily than discover who is the real killer...!
There's a love triangle too, between Emily and Donald Green, a bass fisherman with a very special sense of humour and the detective Lewis who is trying to catch Emily's attention. The dialogue between these three characters is funny and original, and is my favourite part of the book if I say the truth.
It was a plus that at the end of the book there are a few unsolved things on the mystery that I hope we will know more on the next... I can't wait!
This is a book for barbecue lovers and sleuth detectives. Ready for the barbecue?

Interested? Good luck in the giveaway!
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26 May 2017

Day 5 - #MatchaChallenge by Teapigs

Today I feel more energised, the skin is quite horrible as always, but I am trying so many delicious Teapigs Matcha recipes that I am sure I am gaining weight!

Today I want to share with you an easy, but healthy recipe for the ones who love sweet food but hate nuts!
Just put two teaspoons of honey in a ramekin and put all the matcha, mix it up until you think the bits are not quite big and then add nuts! Yes, seems an easy recipe, but nuts are really healthy and honey too, so why not mix it all together with our delicious matcha?


Wanderlust Alphabet by Jack Daly

The Wanderlust Alphabet concept is simple, Jack Daly has illustrated letters of the alphabet with cities he visited, traveling from A to Z.​​​​​​​