13 October 2017

Wax Stamps - Aliexpress

You know that I love stationery and sometimes, when I have a little free time I love to do some crafty things, sadly with my little one, the time has reduced to less than 30 minutes every day...
Today I want to share with you my little stationery haul from Aliexpress for just 10€. I bought some really useful things!

First of all these cute wax stars, which I'll need two for all the stamps...

A plain wax seal, with no inscription on it (I know it's not the normal, but it's funny too!)...

And of course, the spoon to burn the wax (this is the more expensive item of the products, can you believe it?)

This was my first attempt, so it was not perfect, but let me say that it was fun, and I am sure that with some practice it will get better, don't you think?

What do you think?

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