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Dead Storage by Mary Feliz
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

When Maggie tries to help her friend Stephen that is retained in prison for murder, she never thought everything would turn so complicated!

'"I'm no veterinarian, but something is very wrong with that leg, Munchkin. You poor thing." His fur was dirty and matted with mud, leaves, and an alarming mount of blood. Close up, I could see a deep laceration on his bad leg. Several clumps of hair seeped with the bright crimson of an actively bleeding wound. A dotted line of blood marked the sidewalk behind him.'

Maggie is a very loyal friend and ready to help her loved ones no matter what trouble they are in.
This has been a very interesting book, with mafia, secrets and dogs involved; full of twists that kept me guessing till the last page.
I liked how the characters were explained and how their friendship is spread between the pages of the book. It's clear than Maggie and the author of the book (Mary Feliz) love dogs, so be prepared to a lot of sweet moments between her and her dog!

It was quite original the good advice that is shared in each chapter of how to keep your home tidier, an advice to make your life easier is always welcome, don't you think?
This is the third book of the "A Maggie McDonald Mystery Series", but you can read it as standalone.

Ready for a walk with a dog?

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  1. I have two awesome cats, Hamilton and Jefferson. They are so much fun and great company. Life would be so boring without pets.

  2. We have one fur-baby - a 13 year old chihuahua named Snickerdoodle. As we say, he owns everything and allows us to use it from time to time. He is the love of our life and yes we spoil him rotten. :)

  3. I am looking for a Scottie my last one died and I just couldn't replace him for such a long time. He was such a special dog.

  4. Looking forward to the third Maggie McDonald book!

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  6. Yes! I have a beautiful German Shepherd and an 18 year old cat!!

  7. Our family is owned by two cats, Romeo Luigi and Ralphie Lee. We would have a dog too but I am unable to care for a dog since I have a disability that makes it hard for me to walk the pup.

  8. Yes I do I love him with all my heart.

  9. Yes, I have 3 very spoiled cats!! Sam, China and Lily!

  10. We have two dogs sofie an liveie a cat blaze an the baby of the bunch gunner who is a thoroughbred ty for the chance


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