25 March 2017

Radio Flyer Advert

Sorry, but I found this advertiser really funny and original, take a look...

Radio Flyer, in partnership with FCB Chicago, will open the first ever travel agency for kids, Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, with actual agents helping kids find their perfect dream adventure and the Radio Flyer vehicle that will take them there. Passports, itineraries and travel essentials wall all included. Each poster was created by a different artist.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor
Content & Creative Development: Todd Tilford
Creative Director: Myra Nussbaum
Associate Creative Directors: Nok Sangdee, Alice Crippa
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Grady
Designer: Mo Hy
Copywriters: Sue Salvi, Cayne Collier
Management Director of Integrated Production Services: Kerry Hill
Director of Production Operations: Julie Regimand
Management Director: Kiska Howell
Account Executive: Katie Hernandez
Senior Producer: Chris Wickman
Senior Art Buyer: Laura Laube
Senior Print Producer: Kathy Jaworsky
Traffic Manager: Jennifer Baur
Production Company: Lord + Thomas
Director: Ben Flaherty
Executive Producers: Josh Greenberg, Katie Roach
Producer: Brooke Gaston Herstein
Editorial: Lord + Thomas
Editor: Seamus Hehir
Senior Producer: Celena Mossell

The source is Ads of the World.

Kira Kira Beauty Box - March 2017

Every month I am surprised with the beauty products I find inside the Kira Kira Beauty Box, take a look at this month beauty products...

First of all, something you always have on your purse, a clear lip gloss, to moisturise your lips or use it like a top.

Having long and beautiful lashes is the dream of all the women, thanks to the Avance Lash Serum, you'll dream will be fulfilled, your lashes would be larger than Tweety! ;) (and it comes with a little bag for your make-up too!)

Rilakkuma is one of my favourite Japanese characters, and a part for leaving my skin softer and clean it was funny being a bear for a little! Do you like this funny characters masks? Have you tried any?

Who doesn't love a relaxing bath with calming extracts for the skin? Who says that doesn't love a little bit of self-pampering is lying!

I found the Hello Kitty Sicker earrings quite funny and original, would be perfect to embellish my notebook. 

I loved the Collagen Face Lotion, the texture is like water, making my skin looking bright and not leaving it (like a lot of other brands) oily. I highly recommend it.

This month, the Kira Kira had great products, maybe nothing spectacular, but useful and basic products, that I will use, as always worth it.

24 March 2017

Pixel Art by Vertibirdo

Some curious scenes created with pixels by Vertibirdo! Amazing, don't you think?

Turning Into Your Mother by Ada Adverse

It doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day or not, you will just love the new book of Ada Adverse! It will make you laugh hard and re-think about all the times you thought you could do better than your mother, here is the proof that you are turning into her! ;) So be prepared to say, OMG, I am Turning Into My Mother!!
Is it good or bad? I don't know, but mine had done a lot of good things teaching me, of course some bad, who doesn't? So I just hope that I will learn how to be a good mother and not make the same errors she did! So I will enjoy this Sunday remembering her, and thinking that she would love to see me laughing with this book and thinking about her!
Enjoy this funny read, it doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day, any day is good to present this book! ;) (but remember that with a good wine will be better!)
Here are some of the hilarious quotes you could find inside...

23 March 2017

Paris en GIFs by Justine Wargnier

Some cute and original Gifs showing the most famous tourist Paris spots by the artist Justine Wargnier.

Deadly Game by Matt Johnson - Blog Tour

Deadly Game by Matt Johnson
Genre: Thriller
Source: Orenda Books

"To appreciate harmony, we must
know war.
To value freedom, we must know 
To find peace, we must vanquish
the Devil at his chosen game."

I have to admit that I didn't have the pleasure to read the first book of the series, so in the beginning there's a little bit of summary to put you in scene with the characters and specially why someone like Robert Finlay could have the MI5 checking on him...
Robert Finlay is a complex character, but as we read the book we start understanding his behaviour, making the reader eager to learn more about the complex plot he is now involved in.
This book is full of action, police and secret services, but the facts are fully explained, making it easier for you to understand it and showing you how the writer, Matt Johnson, has done a great job in research and investigation for the book.
This is one of those books that it doesn't have just one plot, it's complex, full of life and twists that will make you love every page.
Talking or reading about sex trafficking is never easy, is something we know it exists but don't want to think about the life that affects or how people can make money with it. This book talks about it, but I can assure you that even if you are not in the mood for this, you will love this book no matter what your reading preferences are.
Would you say no to a free weekend with everything payed?

22 March 2017

The ABCs of Particle Physics by Symmetry Magazine

Physics had never been one of my favourites lectures when I was at the uni, that's why I found this ABCs of Particle Physics interesting and easy to understand for the ones who like me aren't in love with physics. What do you think?

The Toy Block Tape By Nimuno Loops

I have to say that when I saw this tape I completely fall in love with it! Can you imagine stick your favourite Lego toys everywhere? 
The Toy Block Tape it's a flexible tape that you can cut with the size you need and that is compatible with the most major toy building block systems! So if you are always playing with building blocks, this one is for you, ready for everywhere!

21 March 2017

Samsonite, We Carry The World - Advertising

I loved the new advert of Samsonite, without any free space to put anything more on your luggage, like me every time I travel!

Advertising Agency: Connelly Partners, Boston, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Alyssa Toro
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Plazonja
Creative Director: Sid Murlidhar
Associate Creative Director: Carissa Mak
Art Director: Carissa Mak
Copywriter: Sid Murlidhar
CGI: Happy Finish
Music: Gratitude Sound
Prepress/Retouching: Williams & Partners

The source is Ads Of The World.

Off the Beadin' Path by Janice Peacock - Great Escapes Blog Tour

Off the Beadin' Path by Janice Peacock
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

I've always wanted to learn glassblowing, that's why I was interested in this book, but I have to admit that it's not just the crafty thing that kept me glued to the book! 
This is the third book of the Glass Bead Mystery, you can read it as standalone, but the characters are so real and the story intriguing and interesting that I am thinking about starting the series from the beginning! 
With a little of humour, friendship and a curious murder, Jax and her friend Tessa are the perfect friends to discover the truth about these mysterious disappearances, even if the police don't believe them!
Ready to learn a new skill?

Sounds interesting? Take a chance in the giveaway!

20 March 2017

The Iconic Women by Sebastian Onufszak

Can you guess this Iconic Women by the artist Sebastian Onufszak?

Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski - Blog Tour

Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski 
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

"Welcome to Six Stories. I'm Scott King.
In the next six weeks, we will be looking back at the Scarclaw Fell tragedy of 1996. We'll be doing so from six different perspectives; seeing the events that unfolded through six pairs of eyes."

This is not a normal story, it's the transcription of the podcast Six Stories by Scott King. He tries to share with us the tragedy that happened in Scarclaw Fell in 1996. So, in the beginning it's quite strange reading the book, the story is told with interviews, commentaries and some research about all the people involved in the tragic success making the story quite real and gripping at the same time.
This is one of those books that you don't want to miss a dot or a coma and that the silences can talk. Instead of reading it, you will listen to the voices of the persons who were involved. The case was left as an accident by the police, but there are some unanswered questions, will we know the real answers or just some half truths?
I loved this book since the first page, but the ending blowed my mind! Perfect, original and so unexpected that I just can say, read it now!
Do you follow any podcast?

19 March 2017

Endangered Tropical Fish by Matt W. Moore

Beautiful way to remember us that some fishes are endangered by the artist Matt W. Moore.

Dangerous Cargo by J.M. Shorney - Blog Tour

Dangerous Cargo by J.M. Shorney
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Bookollective

Aidan McRaney has a very difficult mission in his hands, mixing Mafia with arm dealers will only mean a lot of danger and action, of course.

"'you might have been a criminal, have done time, and your consistent utilisation of scruples does you credit. However, this is one game we either play to win or lose. There are no uncertainties, no indecisions.'"

As I started reading this book, it felt like a movie playing in my mind, with action, some surprising twists and a little bit of dark humour, the perfect book to read when you need adrenaline in your life.
The characters are well formed, the plot is engaging making you to turn page after page, making you love the book and trying to discover what's really happening.
It was quite surprising reading how Aidan is not the "perfect" hero as we are used to, he has a past, being in prison for a few years and with "friends" in the organised crime, making difficult for him to start a new life and sadly, being the perfect blank to be used for his connections. But he is good, he has a good heart and has the best motive to survive the worst missions he has to face, a little child.
Be prepared to fall in love with Aidan McRaney, he is good-looking and he is dangerous too! This is the fourth book of the Aidan McRaney series, but you can read it as standalone, if you can resist to buy all of the series after finishing this one! ;)
Ready for this thriller?