6 April 2018

The Stationery Selection - March 2018

A new month, a new stationery box shipment by The Stationery Selection!
This had not been my favourite shipment, it contains cute and original things of course, but nothing really surprising... 
Take a look...

First of all, the Delfonics carrying case in red, useful to travel with a lot of pockets and a big zipper to protect your things inside!

There was this little memo inside, quite original because you can cut it whatever size you want.

I love to compact Dotliner, I always have one in my case, you never know when you need a not so messy glue!

There were these pens too, one quite original that can do dots (with a beautiful coral colour); and the always useful Zebra Sarasa with 3 colours, of course.

I can not forget to share with you the cute vegetable stickers...

As you could see, this had been a good box, but I was so used to mesmerising boxes that this one had let me a little down...
We'll see what surprises we will have on the next boxes! ;)

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