19 April 2018

DirectPortrait by Federico Babina

I am sure you remember the previous post I made of Federico Babina, Architale, so today I want to share you the new project, DirectPortrait, mixing famous directors with their movies, take a look! ;)

Here are all of them...

NATEDE; A Natural Air Purifier by Clairy

I am a big lover fan, so every time I find a project to fund in Kickstarter which is plants related I always try to fund it. That's why today I want to share with you this project, the Natede, a natural air purifier.

NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expenses.
Thanks to the combination of the plant with this innovative filter, this air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.

NATEDE also works with its dedicated app that allows users to monitor air pollutants and control the air flow in their space in real time.

I have backed this project and I can't wait to share my experiences with you! ;)

18 April 2018

Flors - Català; Ara i Sempre

Flors... I really like Spring! Not just because the weather it starts changing, but because the plants start blooming! /flɒs/

Today's word is related to nature... any guess? It is not so different from the English word... Flors means... Flower; the blossom of a plant; bloom.
I was searching for a beautiful poem or song to share with you, and I found this Japanese poem adapted to Catalan, I hope you like it! ;)

Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.
Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.

Les gotetes de la pluja                    The rain drops
van espurnejant,                    drizzle,
i a les flors del meu jardí                    and the flowers of my garden
van acaronant.              are being caress.       

Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang. 
Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.

Disney Princess by Daria Art

A new way to see our famous Disney Princess created by the artist Daria.

Lost Forest Jewellery

Are you a lover of nature and forest?
Then you will love these beautiful jewellery created by Lost Forest. All the designs are handmade by bits of Ireland nature and with a 14k gold necklace. Don't you love them?

17 April 2018

Tom Bob Art (tombobnyc)

Some hilarious street art by the artist Tom Bob, enjoy!

Ploma - Català; Ara i Sempre

Can you guess what Ploma means? /plɒːmə/
It has two main meanings, one is easy with the calligraphy on the photo, the other more difficult...

So any guesses? Ploma is... yep one answer could be feather; one of the light, horny structures that form the principal covering of birds. And any idea with the other one? Ploma could be too... Fountain Pen! Yes, so different! But I suppose it comes that in the beginning they used the feather to write, so it has maintained the name.

I will share with a little part of a poem from a Catalan writer, Joan Brossa.

Les Teves Mans - Joan Brossa
Castellets de l'amor. Flames de ploma.                    Castle of love. Flames of feathers.
Són banderetes del teu parlar. Són                    They are flags of your talk. They are
i toquen sense pes, clares d'un món                    and touch without weight, clear of a world
que tu modules des dels teus Bagdads.                    that you modulate from your Bagdad.
Respires per les mans, amor. Són poma                  You breath for your hands, love. They are apple
i estel saboner quan renten els plats.                    and soapy star when they clean the dishes.

Now You See by Max Manning - Blog Tour

Now You See by Max Manning
Genre: Thriller
Source: Headline
Rating: 4'5/5

There's a new killer in town and his ego grows with followers and fame. So DCI Fenton will have to be very careful and smart if he wants to keep his family safe and catch this dangerous killer...

"I can't blame myself for what I've done, for what I have yet to do. Guilt is a concept I've never understood. It gets in the way of true creativity, stops you doing things you want to do. Imagine not having a conscience. Think about it. Wouldn't life be so much easier? Admit it.
A veil has been lifted. Life promises so much more for me now. I'm free to follow my path."

This had been a turbulent read, not just for the murders but for the message that the book transmits... I was really touched by some of the truths that the killer shares, specially when it talks about how many people liked the photo of the victim the killer shared on his profile or how many followers started following him and asking for more. Luckily this had never happened in real life, but how many times the newspaper shared morbid photos of terrorism attacks? Or how many times you had been stuck in a jam for an accident simply because the drivers had been looking at the victims? So are we really so needy for scabrous details and misery of other people? This really makes me think what our society has grown up to...
Let's focus on the book! The story is told by various voices making the story easy to follow and perfect to understand the thoughts and actions of each one of the characters. The main character, DCI Fenton will not just have to discover a killer but has to decide what's more important in his life; his work or his daughter... We will have the mysterious Adam Blake who was the ex-boyfriend of the first victim Lauren Bishop, he is a suspect for the murder, but soon we will discover that is quite troubled but he wants to know the truth the most. And then we will have the view of the killer, the I Killer, that loves to kill and share the victims photos on the net. Between all of them, the story is complete, interesting and addictive. 
This is one of those books that you are eager to know more about the characters, their life and what will happen after the case, I can only hope I will see another case with DCI Fenton!
Ready to see the fear on your own eyes?

16 April 2018

Watercolors by Julianna Swaney

Some quotes painted beautifully by the artist Julianna Swaney.

Abril - Català; Ara i Sempre

Sorry, I totally forgot I didn't tell you how this month is called! Abril... /əbrɪl/

Yes, this one is really easy and is written almost the same in the two languages, Abril and April. I have searched the word on Wikipedia and it says that it comes from Latin name Aprilis[1] but the derivation of this name is uncertain. 

I would like to share with you a quote we use a lot during this month, of course is related to the weather...

"A l'Abril cada gota val per mil"
"In April each drop will account for one thousand"

The meaning of this quote is that it is quite important in April for the farmers to rain, because is the month in which all fruit and vegetables have to grow.

Care Bear by Funko

I always liked the famous Care Bear, but it was one of those toys that my mother didn’t like so I never had one. So when I saw that the vinyl toy brand Funko decided to make their own Care Bears for the 35th Anniversary, I couldn’t resist to buy one!

So I’ll present you the #356 Funshine Care Bear Glow In The Dark Chase Version.

This cute toy is part of the Care Bear collection; there are 6 basic models plus 2 glow in the dark, 1 flocked, 2 glitters and 2 rare editions. I don’t know where you can find the rare versions, I think they were sold in special supermarkets in US, but not in Europe. The Good Luck Bear Flocked was only sold in a ToyCon fair... and the other ones should be for sale starting mid April everywhere... I am sure I will not have the full collection, but it will be fun searching them! ;)

15 April 2018

Cinéma du Parc

Cinéma du Parc is a small independently run movie theatre that prides itself on screening the best selection of classic, foreign and director-oriented films. They recently started a kid friendly programming schedule on weekends. The aim of the poster series was to pay homage to the original source material while bringing in visual elements that felt new and different.

Advertising Agency: Les Évadés, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Charles Gagnon
Art Director: Martin Dupuis
Illustrator: Sandro Rybak

The source is Ads of the World.

Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown - Blog Tour

Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown
Genre: Crime

"'It wasn't your fault', she'd tell me at night-time as she tucked the duvet snugly around my shoulders, our eyes never straying to the now-empty bed inhabiting the nook on the opposite side of my tiny childhood room 'It was just a terrible accident.' But, as I look back now, I think perhaps I can hear the grain of uncertainty in her tone, the little tremor betraying the questions she will never voice. Did you do it, sweetheart? Did you push my baby from the path? Was it just an accident? Was it?"

This is a book I was really looking forward to read and, truth to be told, it hasn't disappointed me a little.
We start the book reading an accident that happened a long time ago, it makes us wonder what this success will have in the story and if it was really an accident...
Everything will start when Martha wants to make a crime show based on the disappearance of one of her besfriends, Juliet. The police never found her body but they suspected she run away with her "alleged" boyfriend. Martha never believed this story, so now has decided to start an investigation by her own, Casey will help her in this adventure, in a very intriguing case where there are more twists than you will expect.
This is not just the story of a missing girl and how her disappearance changed completely the life of the people around her; her family, her friends and her supposed boyfriend. Because we always read the case, but is never told by the ones remaining, how they have all the memories and guilt that maybe if they made something different she would be still there.
It was original reading the story told by characters and the past memories, making us part of the story and the feelings of every one of them. Let me say that it was an addictive and touching story, it has surprised me a couple of times and made me guessing till the end.

A great book for mystery lovers and crime readers!
Which is your deepest secret?

Farewell, My Cuckoo by Marty Wingate - Blog Tour

Farewell, My Cuckoo by Marty Wingate
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

"The cuckoo comes in April,
And sings its song in May,
In June it changes tune,
And July it flies away."

This is one of those books that you read it more for the familiarity and connection to the characters than the mystery per se. Of course we can not forget that someone has died and let me say that this is a quite twisted mystery, but when you follow a series, is because you like the characters and how the author writes, don't you think?
Julia is an intelligent woman that works at the Tourist Information Centre at Smeaton-under-Lyme, this allows her to know all the citizens of the village and the gossip without having to move, perfect to investigate any murder!
In this adventure, Julia will not just have to discover who is the mysterious victim, but deal with Pammy, the sister of her boyfriend that has decided to stay in the couch of the couple for an unlimited number of days... It was quite funny all the situation with the three of them, how they try to be kind with her but at the same time hoping she will leave soon... and there's an important question that Michael tries to ask all the time to Julia but always is interrupted, can you guess what it could be?
It was really interesting to discover more about the birds and their costumes, and it was funny the comparisons between them and humans! ;)
This is the fourth book the the series "Birds of a Feather", but you can read it as standalone.
Ready for birdwatching?

14 April 2018

Jonas Loose Artwork

Something funny and refreshing to put a smile on you face this Saturday, by Jonas Loose.

The Specta Pen

This is not a simple pen, this is the perfect "pen" (I am not sure we can just say pen, is much, much more!) to have in any office or house, really I need the Specta in my life!

Of course, if you love to write letters, lists, reviews... you always need a pen on your hand; so you know there's never enough pens/fountain pens in your life. Take a look at this 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen & Fidget Ball Combo, you will fall in love in seconds.

The SPECTA Pen is a made by aluminum alloy, is not only a pen but a stylus too; it has a stainless-steel clip to prevent it rolling through the table.

The SPECTA Ball is a hybrid pen stand and fidget device with 9 unique functions; including bottle opener and screw driver too. 

Really, you can not tell me that you don't like it, because is original and everything you could need when you are at work, don't you think?